How Does Read Literature Like A Professor Chapter Responses

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How to Read Literature Like a Professor Chapter Responses

Introduction: How’d He Do That? The recognition of patterns makes it much easier to read complicated literature because recognizing patterns will help you relate two or more pieces of literature together, therefore making it easier to understand and analyze the literature you are focused on. Patterns in literature can help the reader understand plots, settings, themes, and other literary elements. I greatly appreciated the novel, Brave New World because of how different the society in the novel was from the one I live in. Using the Signposts from Notice and Note, I was able to see contrast and contradictions that enhanced my understanding of the book. I noticed how I was expecting Bernard, in Brave New World to be just like everybody else in the novel but instead he was a “normal person” that felt normal human emotions, such as the longing for love, that the other characters just did not feel. He also felt isolated and alone. Bernard thinks in a way we were not expecting. Patterns such as this helped me, the reader, to better understand literary elements.

Chapter 1: Every Trip Is a Quest (Except When It’s Not)
1. Quester- In the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service, Eggsy, the main character, is a tough “street” kid who is sick of his mom being mistreated and angry about his father’s death.
2. Place to Go- Eggsy is asked to join a secret group called the Kingsman. He must go through an intense training course
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