Literary Assignments : How Do Memory, Symbol, And Pattern Affect The Reading Of Literature?

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10 Literary assignments by: Chance Weston

Introduction: How 'd He Do That? How do memory, symbol, and pattern affect the reading of literature? How does the recognition of patterns make it easier to read complicated literature? Discuss how your appreciation of your summer reading novel was enhanced by understanding symbol or pattern. Memory affects the reading of literature because it allows you make connections and will assist in recognize patterns in the novel. Patterns, in turn, can reveal hidden meanings in the text, for instance, if something is mentioned repeatedly through out the novel that is a large clue that it is of extreme importance to completely comprehending the piece of literature. Symbols reveal to you what text can 't and guide you to a more complex and complete understanding of the underlying point the author is trying to make. Understanding of symbols and patterns within the novel catcher in the rye allowed me to better grasp the point that the author, J. D. Salinger, was trying to get across to me. It is unlikely that I would have been able to grasp the message without the understanding of patterns and symbols and would likely have brushed it aside as a simple short story.
Chapter 1 – Every Trip Is a Quest (Except When It 's Not)
A Quest consists of five elements: 1. a quester, so to speak, or the person who is on a quest. 2. a place to go. 3. a stated reason to actually go there. 4. challenges and trials on the way. 5. a real reason to go there.

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