How Do You Feel About Divorce?

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How do you feel about divorce? In our culture today there are a lot of people that have gone through divorce or been affected by it. It has actually become the norm. If you don’t like your marriage just get out of it, seems to be the world tells us. After all, marriage is supposed to be wonderful and never have any problems right? I think it’s funny how some of us want our lives to look like the ones in the movies, but when life doesn’t go the way we had planned, we try to hit the eject button in hopes to put in another movie. This seems to be what a lot of people do with their marriages. When the person they married does not turn out to be the person they hoped, they want out of the marriage and they want someone else. Our culture allows people to get divorced basically for any reason at all. As Christians we are to have a biblical worldview and we should not be concerned about what the world or our culture says, but about what God says in His Word. I believe some people search God’s Word just to find the wording that would allow them to do what they want, but Christians should be more concerned about doing what is right and pleasing to the Lord. The main question at hand is if the world says we can get divorced for any reason, what does God say?
In our culture people can get married for any reason and get divorced for any reason. It does not appear that we are big on commitments. And isn’t that just what marriage is a commitment, a covenant between a man and

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