How Does Affect The Size Of Your Foot

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How tall you are does affect the size of your foot. “Taller people need a bigger base” (Tremblay), what Tremblay means by this is that the taller you are the bigger your foot should be so you can balance, walk, etc. “Every one centimeter grown adds .24 to the person’s shoe size” (Slack). “The normal height-to-foot ratio is about 6.6:1” (Tremblay). This means that for every 6.6 centimeters that your height increases, your shoe size will increase 1 inch. “Use the foot/height ratio to predict the height of someone” (Tremblay). The LSRL equation is “Height = 47.33 + 1.139 (length of your left foot, in centimeters) + 0.593 (length of your shoe, in centimeters) x 1.924 (shoe size)” (Tremblay). “A person can’t be 0 cm tall and have a negative
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