How Does Art Understand Mental Illness?

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Throughout history, art has been put to the back burner, People nowadays use art to relieve stress, calm down the side effects of mental disorders, and also spread awareness on many mental disorders amongst others. Art has been proven to help people understand mental illnesses more than what we used to. Art has been underestimated for many years. It has been shut down, put out of schools, and many other things. Art has opened eyes to the true reality of mental illnesses amongst other things. Throughout the years people, have been taught to look at people differently if they do not share the same ideas and thoughts as them. People who have mental disorders will never have the same ideas and thoughts as anyone else in the world. Art has been used to show people what is really going on in a persons mind when they have a mental disorder. A man named Christian did a photography project that showed what it is…show more content…
Some think that if someone is mentally ill, they do not produce as good of work as someone who has a perfectly normal mental state. Some also think that in the art world, someone who is mentally ill can produce something that will personally challenge the minds of the viewer if they knew that the person who made the art piece was mentally ill. Art should be more valued if the public knows the artist struggled to finish the piece because of their minds being in a different state than their body? Art has made mental illness more open and common through the stories behind their creators. For example, when people found out that Van Gogh was crazy enough to cut off his own ear because he did not think that it belonged to him. He thought it was a foreign object on his body. They then started to value his artwork even more, especially his ever so famous self-portrait. Art has also been able to help people understand that they can use turn their illness into something
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