How Does Edwidge Danticat Use Juxtaposition In Kirk Krak

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When living in Haiti at the time of this book, you would see the harsh realities people , have to face daily. The author of the book Kirk Krak, Edwidge Danticat, uses juxtaposition to clearly paint a picture of this. She shows the ugly truth about Haiti during this time through the use of the characters that face problems both good and bad every day. Juxtaposition is a very dynamic, hard to define, and can be difficult to point out at times. However, in the examination of the short stories one can find that it can be defined as the sheer difference between two totally different the book Kirk Krak, there are a series of short stories in which the author Edwidge Danticat utilizes juxtaposition to create characters abandoned by their loved ones to in return create an overall sense of isolation. The specific examples that best display characters that are abandoned that help create this overall sense of isolation would be a depressed father, a childless maid, and a love-struck girl.
In the short story, “A wall of rising fire”, the main character guy leaves his beloved family in …show more content…

The story starts off with letters between the two, and in those letters the girl makes her love for the boy very clear” I told my papa that I loved you… I love you until the hair shivers at the thought of anything happening to you”(pg22.) from this quote you can see her deep love for the boy and her not wanted anything bad happening to him. Which by the end of the story she kind of realizes he is never going to come back, however there is a possibility that he might.” I see mountains, and behind those mountains are more mountains still… I feel like those mountains are pushing me further away from you”(pg26)The girl’s love for the boy and the shift of her realization that he might not return ties together to help the reader create an overall sense of

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