How Does Hemingway Use Imagery To Catch The Reader's Attention?

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What sets the author apart from others is his ability to truly capture the voice of the characters and is able to use imagery to capture the setting in which the reader can visualize parts of the story as if they are apart of the story. The book catches the reader’s attention by writing in a way that make the audience see not only the words but the characters in the pages and allow them to live almost through the characters.The author is also able to give vivid detail on behalf of the surroundings allowing the reader to create images as they continue to read, I personally think that Hemingway wrote this story to convey a hidden message. The author’s style tends to consist of a distinct type of word choice and tends to use descriptive words to properly describe where and when the story is taking place.…show more content…
Hemingway introduces the three characters, Francis Macomber, his wife Margot, and their safari guide Richard Wilson, over cocktails in the afternoon on the African plain following a morning of hunting. What is particularly interesting about this is that Hemingway doesn’t right away alert the reader as to what is going on, the message is hidden within the story, it almost seems to start out as a mystery but the further detail you get into, the further into the depth of understanding you’ll
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