How Does I Use The Rule Of Thirds Composition?

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Since my photographs are all centered on the idea of depression, I chose to edit them all with a selenium tone because depression is often described as “having all of the color drained out of your life” or “seeing everything in black and white.” I also chose to use less contrast in the photos that were depicting more serious aspects of depression (i.e. the one that shows the girl cutting herself), to emphasize that the deeper you sink into it the more grey and bland your life becomes, almost like nothing has definition anymore. In most of my photographs, I tried to use the Rule of Thirds composition whenever I could, but sometimes I didn’t find that perspective aesthetically pleasing for my picture, so I tried a new angle. As far as framing goes, I tend to do mostly medium shots because they’re what I’m most comfortable with editing, but I also took a few close ups when I felt that the photo needed more emotional emphasis. In one of my close up shots (the one with the girl looking out the window), I chose to angle it in a way that allowed her to have lookspace because I wanted to be able to blur the background and create that narrow depth of field to emphasize the part of depression in which the person is present but not really there. For all of my photographs I only use natural light along with the built in flash on my camera because when I shoot outdoors I enjoy having that lighting. I also like editing with natural light because, even though it 's kind of difficult to
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