How Does It Feel to Be a Problem ?

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How does it feel to be a problem ? is a book addressed to everyone,but particularly to those who think that America is the land of care-free young adults who have nothing to worry about.Being Arab in America has never been easy. Being young Arab living in America is quite something. When I first laid eye on the book,which was given to me by my great English Dr. Sameer Ismaeel, Al-Najah university,I thought it was another book of how miserable Arabs are in the United States.These stories are fimiliar in the Arab world.People are divided into two categories,those who glorify America and make it the dream land of everything.And,those who tare it apart and only see rape,drugs and carelessness.Genuinely,both are incorrect,as America is just…show more content…
Sameer Ismaeel for lending me this refreshing,educational and great book. Now,i 'l leave you with some references and guides. *key words : young-arab-muslim/nonmuslim-american-dreams-family-love- world-prison-problem-9/11-palestine-iraq-terrorism-home-life. *guide through the 7 stroies: 1)Rasha : The girl with the jail story. 2)Sami: The christian american soldier in Iraq. 3)Yasmin: A high school girl standing up for her believes. 4)Akram: The grocery kid dreaming of changing his stars 5)Lina: An Iraqi girl living in America and Iraq. 6)Omar: A graduate guy in search for a job. 7)Rami: The relgious guy. *An arabic artical about the book : *Great interview with the author :
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