How Does Lust Grow? Lust Vs. Love Blueprint

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How Does Lust Grow? Lust vs. Love BLUEPRINT

All human beings have emotional and physical needs. All human beings long to feel spiritually and emotionally fulfilled, and this happens by receiving attention from other people. Human beings also have physical and sexual cravings. This is a need – it is something that humans will search for, either consciously or subconsciously. All human beings want a home – a place to stay, and support in the form of money, because money fulfills a person’s basic needs. Humans search for these things as well. Where they are able to find these things, they are satisfied, and they may come to think that they love the person who is providing them with these things, but this is not always the case, especially if they did not receive a lot of attention from others in their life and don’t have anything to compare their current relationship to. Lust is caused by dependence on something, and this type of lust is commonly mistaken for love and is potentially destructive.
A lonely life may lead to clinging onto a person who one thinks they love, but they do not. This need and dependence to give affection and receive it causes the person to think that they love the person who they do not love. Lust is caused by needs but is not permanent, which is why people in lust will not see each other in their futures. This is proof that the relationship is not love. Lastly, in lust, there is no great sacrifice and a person is not pushed to extremes to do things

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