How Does Marriage Affect Early American Society?

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Marriage in the early eighteen hundreds rarely put into account of the husband and bride’s feelings. It exercised an agreement between two people that showed how wealthy their family would become. Women conditioned themselves to be submissive towards their husbands and live in the puritan roots of their past society. Many women maintained purity on their wedding days, with this ideal in mind they had to have restrictions during their wedding. In this society, Puritan views held many standards towards women and men. These Puritan views towards many southern societies affected how the women would act, how she dresses and many more. These restrictions towards weddings started to die our near the late eighteen hundreds but, many traditions started to form based off of these certain restrictions. For example, brides started …show more content…

Their families administered the wedding process before, during and after the ceremony. It appeared to be based upon who has the most land, how much money everyone had and more about the profit from the marriage. Marriages never developed off of the husband and wife’s feelings until the late eighteen hundreds, soon ideals began to shift. Soon people started detecting an increase of love, as explained in Colonial Williamsburg, “With the rise of the affectionate family, arranged marriages became a thing of the past. While parents expected to be consulted and offered advice or criticism freely, men and women chose their own marriage partners, and parents usually accepted their children’s choices,” (Maurer). Weddings exhibited less conventional traditions as the years moved on and, the parents became less and less involved in the decision making of their child’s spouse. This upset the parents because they did not collect any profit from their child’s marriage arrangement. While both partner’s choice became important during the wedding, the ceremony still placed many restrictions towards how women could act, and how they performed

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