How Does Network Security Work?

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Target, Sony, and At&t besides being worldwide business entities what common denominator do all three of these companies have? That’s right, a recent security breach. Some of these data breaches allowed access to thousands of individuals debit card and social security numbers. Others have given access for people to manipulate the networks for their own personal or financial gain. Cyber-attacks are not just limited to department stores, or even banks. Cyber-attacks can happen essentially to any entity with an informational data base. Businesses now are trying to discover new ways to protect their network infrastructures.

How Does it Work?
First and foremost it is most important to explain how network security works. There are three general types of security controls. These consist of administrative, physical, and technical controls. Administrative controls pertain to how your business has compiled security agreements and how new technology implementation should occur. Physical security, is exactly what it sounds like, physical aspects. This might include locks on doors where servers are located, fences around facilities where important information is stored or any other control measure that would physically delay an attacker from being able to reach a network. Technical controls consist of what an IT staff implements within the network to decrease the risk of a breach. Examples of this include encryption, configurations, and layered security. It takes a combination of all

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