How Does Orwell Explore The Power Of Propaganda

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How does Orwell explore the power of propaganda in Animal Farm? What point does Orwell seem to be making about propaganda? Throughout history propaganda has been used from as early as 1600s in all around the world. In Germany, Adolf Hitler persuaded Europe with the use of propaganda into believing that Jewish cultures are malicious, he even wrote in his book Mein Kampf, that "Propaganda tries to force a doctrine on the whole people... Propaganda works on the general public from the standpoint of an idea and makes them ripe for the victory of this idea". In the Russian Revolution, Stalin used posters portraying himself more positively than he actually is, in a way glorifying himself. He also told the people in the Soviet Union that if they …show more content…

The animals on the farm blindly believe everything that the pigs or dogs tell them. An example of that is when Napoleon and the other pigs moved into the house they started doing more ‘humanly’ things, like moving into the house wasn’t one already. They ate their meals in the kitchen, used the drawing room as recreation room, but they even slept in the beds. When Clover heard of this, she thought she remembered that in the Seven Commandments there was a rule against beds; something about ‘never sleeping in a bed’. She tried reading it but she couldn’t put the words together yet and read it, so she asked Muriel to read it to her. It said ‘No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets’ (p 50). When Muriel reads this, Squealer happened to pass by and explained himself out of this situation. There were more occasions were Napoleon or the pigs who worked for Napoleon changed some of the Commandments to please their liking. Another very similar occasion of this was when Napoleon executed multiple animals on the farm, when everyone confessed their secrets to him. When they finished their confessions ‘his dogs promptly tore their throats out’. A few days later, ‘when the terror caused by the executions died down’, some of the animals started to remember that the Sixth Commandment said something about ‘No animal shall kill any other animal’. It was again Muriel who read the

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