How Does Rhetoric Affect Our Life?

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I have learned that rhetoric is something I use regularly in my daily life. Unknowingly, I have been using this art of persuasion for even the most everyday things. Now that I can identify rhetoric, I see it everywhere in the form of politics, media, advertising, parental rearing, public speaking, personal, and even at our work place. I use rhetoric every day in my work life, convincing my residents to take physical rehab, because by them taking the service that is how the facility makes most of its money. Even though I work with the geriatric population if they are mentally capable I cannot force them to go, it will be going against their rights and free will. Therefore, I spend an ample amount of time convincing them to go, I connect with them emotionally, go over a list of pros and cons, and separate myself from the nursing home they are upset being at in the first place. In doing so, I am hoping to gain their trust and eventually persuade them into taking the therapy. Most of the time I am successful at getting them to go, at times I am not. Shakespeare tells us that rhetoric is unavoidable, a part of human communication: a persuasive form of communication that appeals to people’s imagination, emotions and reasoning. Depending on who’s using it and why they are using it, it can be successful or unsuccessful depending on whether or not the rhetorician is able to persuade another person or people to some sort of action or belief which is not against their nature or their

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