How Does Robert Bridges Emphasize The Conflicting Nature Of Love

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Robert Bridges and Anne Stevenson have two poems that emphasize the conflicting nature of love. Both of the poems introduce two different concepts of love, the first being how love is eternal, and the second being the lost perspective of what love really is. With their description of Eros, their rhyme schemes, and tones, we see their contradictory conclusions about the definition of love.

The poem by Robert Bridges highlights Eros as a powerful entity and his conflicting personalities. At the beginning of the poem, the speaker asks a question, setting up the poem to have a curious tone about what love really is. By questioning Eros, it reveals that love is not a black and white thing, and it can be seen with many different perspectives. For example, the speaker starts to attack Eros and his character, calling him a “tyrant of the human heart.” Then, the speaker shifts perspectives calling Eros “an image of eternal Truth.” This shift from a negative description to a positive one shows how love can be frustrating at the same time as beneficial. Both comparisons reflect Eros’ dominant everlasting power. …show more content…

They both have specific details that stand out to describe Eros. The connotation of these words help us understand each speakers own concept of love, through the character Eros. Eros is a significant symbol to both poems because he is a godly being deemed “perfect”. It is interesting how both poems point out his flaws, but their purpose in doing this is different. The first poem does this to describe the conflict that love presents, while the second does this to emphasize society’s misinterpretation of love. Either way, both successfully help us understand different conceptions of love, through the implications of their word choice, the structure of the poems, and their differing rhyme

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