Essay about The Power of Love in The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis

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The Power of Love in The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis

Through life, people experience many kinds of love. Many people often believe they love someone, when they actually do not because they may not know what the word means. As much as we want to understand love, it is still simply indescribable. As C.S. Lewis tries to explain it in his book, The Four Loves, it is still a mystery as to what love truly means. I believe in order to know what love means, one must experience it. It is quite true that went two individuals are in love with each other, they know it and can feel it. No matter how much love is studied and looked at, every individual must experience it to understand it. Along with this love lies circumstances which lead
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His main point between Eros and Venus is that they are two different things, and they do not necessarily go hand in hand, although they usually do. For a couple to be in love, it does not mean they should have sex, and for two to have a sexual pleasure does not mean they love one another. He does state though, that sometimes with having sex, it can make the couple love each other more and grow stronger together. It goes along with saying that it depends on the couple and their feelings of Eros and Venus. Every individual interprets that meaning of love differently.
Interpreting love differently is what makes the world go round. If everyone interpreted love the same way, there would not be a special person for everyone, but numerous individuals for a single person. People would not be unique and different in their own ways. Love is what forms people into who they are. Because of the many different kinds of loves and the different ways people view it, is why love can be divine or demonic. It overpowers the soul and the mind. It can be good and it can be bad.
When two people are in love, they are happy and look past the bad things in one another. "Affection, as I have said is the humblest love. It gives itself no airs," (pg.33 paragraph 3). They look at the good, and can usually ignore the bad. They work together through problems and issues that arise. The two help one another out and make sure they are both doing well. They care for one another the
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