How Does Self Awareness Affects And Impedes The Process Of Providing Appropriate Therapeutic Care?

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As a future counselor, it is important that we realize how much self-awareness plays apart in counselor competence. Although the focus of the course is multicultural counseling, the lack of overall counselor awareness affects and impedes the process of providing appropriate therapeutic care. It is vital that you become aware of the assumptions, stereotypes, and biases you may have about clients who are different from yourself on all the dimensions included in this framework (D 'Andrea, 2001).When I speak of awareness, it’s not just about bias, stereotypes, and difference in worldview, but in order to increase personal and professional development as a counselor, you must be aware of resources and agencies at your disposal that you can use to properly serve clients from all cultures.
When I look at when I started the course I was pretty sure that I was abreast and aware of what culture is, and what it consists of, and honestly I was wrong. At this point, I have come to the realization that culture is more than where you come from and a language, but it encompasses way more than that, from your look, attitude, beliefs, values, and even how others view you. Personally, after taking the multicultural assessment, I was disappointed because throughout the assessment I was sure that my score was going to be on the higher end. After receiving my score, I questioned how much I invest and immerse myself in other cultures besides my own. I also became aware of the fact that

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