How Does Sexism Affect Society?

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Sexism is defined as the discrimination or hatred against people based on their gender rather than who they are as an individual. This has been going on all throughout history, even as far back as the Bible, with Adam and Eve. Eve’s role was to be considered that of a servant rather than a human being. And it continues into modern day. Girls cannot play certain sports at school because of their gender. This type of behavior isn’t just found in day to day life, but in the media we as humans have created. Commercials, movies, advertisements, and even video games contain a lot of sexism in them. Why is this needed? In a study by the Entertainment Software Association in 2014, 48% of all people who play video games in America are women, and another study by the Internet Advertising Bureau in February of 2015 stated that that number had jumped to 52%. That’s more than half of the population. So why is it that less than a quarter of all games feature a female protagonist? And in the event that the protagonist is female, most of the time they are inappropriately dressed to catch the gazes of males rather than be functional in the environment of the game. A good example of this is armor in medieval games. The males in the game normally have full armor that covers all the vital points, while female armor is more of a bikini made out of iron. And if they aren’t the protagonist, most of the time they are simply there for eye candy, serving no purpose other than
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