How Does Stress Affect A Person Positively Or Negatively?

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Stress is pervasive in all aspects of life. It can play a role in how one handles certain situations at work, relationships, and even one’s outlook on life. Stress can affect a person positively or negatively depending on how chronic or acute the stress is and the way the person deals with it. Nursing is a profession that knows stress first-hand. Nurses are involved with caring for patients, families, and communities by giving them the best care to achieve the optimal health to live their lives and dealing with many daily stressors that comes along the way. Nurses are the ones who provide for their patients by giving them the emotional and physical support they need while helping their patient reach their goals of becoming healthier. Perioperative Nursing, a nursing specialty that is associated with patients who are in surgeries, works primarily with the surgical team, which includes the surgeons, nurse anesthetists, anesthesiologists, and surgical assistants and technologists. Perioperative nurses, also called surgical nurses or operating room nurses, are there for patients and their families before, during and after surgery. The high intensity environment can create stress and can also cause communication conflicts between the surgical team. Perioperative nursing deals with various amounts of stress based on the work environment and affects burnout, turnover rates, and difficulties in communication with their surgical team. Researchers claim that perioperative nurses have
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