How Does The Stomach Change Over Time

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The stomach is elastic, muscular body, and when you enter into it a greater amount of food or liquid spread in order to care about it all that we have entered. Does your stomach expand temporarily. After what we have consumed passes through the stomach and keep your digestive time, the stomach begins to decrease, or to return to normal size.

If you're wondering whether your stomach expand or shrink depending on how much we eat, the answer is: sometimes overeating does not permanently expand your stomach and you will be hungrier.

However, some studies suggest that reduced food intake over time can reduce the capacity of the stomach, probably because the stomach becomes less ductile (and vice versa when weight gain). So it is not true that we can increase or decrease the stomach,
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But, elastic like a balloon and can increase its volume. Normally when food is consumed expand to a volume of one liter, and after (before) a big meal and up to two liters.

When we want to eat, the brain sends a signal to the stomach that food is on the way. Stomach muscles then relax and prepare your stomach that will be filled with food. When food passes through the digestive tract, the stomach returns to its original size.

If you want to reduce the elasticity of the stomach, it will cause a lower intake of food, the most important is to stop to overeat and reduce caloric intake.

In one study, obese subjects were limited to 1,000 calories a day for one month and during this period the capacity of the stomach has reduced them by 36 percent.

The speed at which we eat also affects how your stomach signals the brain. The brain takes some time to realize that we're full, so when you eat fast easy to overeat because the brain does not get to try that we're full.Regardless of whether you want to increase or decrease the elasticity of the stomach, the volume of food in it is of great
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