How Does the Notion of Harm Reveal Entangled Relationships Between Social Welfare and Crime Control?

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How does the notion of harm reveal entangled relationships between social welfare and crime control? The concept of harm is a complex one, The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines the term as “hurt, damage, cause harm to” (Allen,1990,P.539). In a physical sense harm can be defined and characterised by damage caused from a war or a natural phenomenon that inflicts considerable damage upon an individual, community or nation. The notion of harm has characterised humanity since the dawn of its existence, ranging from famine and disease to war and conflict. From a Sociological perspective Harm and more specifically Well-Being are concepts that have extremely far reaching definitions, that range between the relationships between ourselves and…show more content…
For the company in question the implications can range from loss of earnings, fines, individual managerial prosecution and forced closure of the company in question by law. Depending on the breach of the law and seriousness of the situation it is not just the individual that is threatened with harm, for example in the aftermath of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster in the Ukraine not only have thousands perished both directly and indirectly hundreds of thousands more have been evacuated and relocated in the immediate vicinity. It is expected that many more will be affected and will ultimately perish from illnesses such as Cancer brought on by the disaster’s radioactive fallout. It should also be born in mind the economic cost of the disaster, in total some five million residents of the contaminated areas in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine where affected and harmed by the incident. (Balonov, 2007, P1) this entanglement whilst on an extreme and global scale highlights the entanglement between social welfare and corporate crime control. It should be noted here that there is also a wider underlying entanglement here one that cannot be ignored, this being that whilst Government’s particularly in the west do their best to protect citizens in the work place from injury the very notion of any sort of paid work has wider very positive implications on society. The notion of paid
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