How Education Is The Key Focus On Improving Test Scores

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For many years the government has played a role in how education was run. For decades, politics has placed its focus on student test scores, how to increase those test scores, and standards that must be followed in order to achieve the goals the politicians have set. Early childhood education has been the key focus on improving test scores. According to the politics, test scores must meet above average levels in order for students to become college and career ready. Greater emphasize is pushed on math and reading levels to improve before students reach middle grade classes. Politics took more control and are now pressing for state standardized test to prove student improvements and well as school improvement. The government has initiated three main groups to help improve the structure and foundations of the school, teaching levels, what should be taught and standardized test to check for improvement, and are working on implementing another one called the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). George Bush introduced the ‘No Child Left behind Act’ (NCLB) in 2002. Since 1969 the ‘National Assessment of Educational Progress’ (NAEP) has provided data on students’ test scores and performances. The ‘Mississippi Curriculum Test, Second Edition’ (MCT2) was founded on the MS frameworks of the 2006 Language Arts and the 2007 Mathematics. All these organizations were developed on the grounds of improving academic levels to the highest achievements and preparing students for…
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