How Effective is The Singer Solution to World Poverty? Essay

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In “The Singer Solution to World Poverty,” Singer argues that all households should donate a percentage of their incomes to charity. Majority of the American population is satisfied with donating little to nothing to those in need, but seldom rethink the purchase of the luxury items. It is a commonly accepted fact that those who work for their earnings are deserving of the monies that they receive. Unfortunately, those in third world countries that don’t have the same resources and opportunities are unable to sustain their livelihood. Some children in third world countries suffer from deprivation of food and shelter; while those that are fortunate enough to have jobs are paid only cents a day. (“Some H-1B Workers Underpaid, Federal …show more content…

The poverty level in America is significantly rising as well as those of other countries. If America’s social safety net programs are barely assisting Americans, how can they allow organizations to donate money to other countries? Yes, it’s true that the foreign countries may not have availability to certain resources, but America must solidify its foundation before helping others. If we do not, the final result will be the downfall of our own country’s well-being. On the other hand, poverty and homelessness are prevalent issues that are global. Americans fortunately have social safety net programs (welfare, unemployment, social security etc.) while other countries do not. Compared to foreign and underdeveloped countries we are more economically sound. Furthermore, Singer’s idea that “money you’re spending on luxuries, not necessities should be given away” (327) is an extreme idea, but should be weighed to see how it could benefit struggling families. There must definitely be a change that takes place within Americans, and encourages us to donate. But, until a change takes place within the American government there will be no turn in direction. As Singer points out “ Comfortably off Americans who give, say 10 percent of their income to overseas organizations are so far ahead of most… that I [won’t] chastise them.” (326) In contrast to Singer, 10 percent of any income is enough for a household to donate while being able to attain the luxury

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