How Far Mussolini Succeeded in Creating a Nation of Fascists Essay

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How Far Mussolini Succeeded in Creating a Nation of Fascists Mussolini became priminister in 1922. By 1925 he was the head of a stable government supported by conservatives, the catholic church and the king, His aim for the future was to create his own dictatorship, where Mussolini had complete control and was an all powerful dictator whom people aspired to. By 1926 Mussolini achieved his ambition of making himself the dictator of Italy. And parliament was fully under his control he managed to achieve almost complete control over Italy. Although he achieved this he did not create a nation of fascists. The youth were a very important part of Italy’s future. To Mussolini Italy’s children were the …show more content…

As statistics show that just under half of boys did not attend the Balillia shows that the regime was not completely successful in indoctrinating ‘ obedience, obedience and obedience’. Women’s role in fascist Italy was to give birth and have lots of children. Mussolini wanted a larger population for reasons of national power. He wanted more soldiers to fight his wars and more Italians to expand his empire and for this reason women’s main role in fascist Italy was to produce children. Mussolini introduced the ‘Battle of the Births’ in 1927. Women were given incentives, such as; marriage loans in which repayments were cancelled if the mother bore four children, tax relief was given e.g. no income tax if the mother bore 10 children, award ceremonies for mothers and medals. Mussolini made sure that women were discouraged from working by limiting the number of people that could be in a certain job. He wanted women to concentrate on having children for Italy. This failed, as this did not encourage women to have more children but to join universities. Statistics show that by 1938, 15% of universities students were female compared with 6% in 1914. Mussolini wanted Italy to have a population of 60 million by 1950. In 1920 it stayed at 37 million and his

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