How Gender Affects Women 's Role

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How Gender Affects Women 's role in Newsrooms?
While the increasing of female journalists ' ratio in newsrooms regarded as an accomplishment for women, statistics and other variables indicate the contrary. The fact that women 's representation in newsrooms became larger than the past takes a lot of attention. However, most people do not know that this slightly enhance in women 's representation remained stagnant for decades. A quick glance on the editorial positions of media’s organizations reveals how women do not ascend the top positions comparing to journalism 's female students (Lipinski, 2014). On the background of the forgoing facts, the newsroom diversity endures being one of the most important topics amongst scholars and professionals in journalism. The importance of diversity in newsrooms stems from the need for divergent journalists who can cover the variety of community 's aspects, so the news coverage would be comprehensive, objective, and fair. However, the fact has been that males often prevail in newsrooms.
These masculine newsrooms made women 's meager presence and identity 's effect extremely significant since it contradicts the mainstream. This significant role that women represent appears in many aspects. It could obviously be seen in the authority positions, where women make editorial decisions that differ from men 's. Also it appears in the effort that is required from woman journalist, which exceeded what is required from her male

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