How Gender Dysphoria Is The Opposite Sex Essay

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Chanel Johnson
Professor Becker
October 14, 2016

We are all given a choice on whether we would prefer to be bi-sexual, gay, dress as the opposite sex, or be in no romantic relationship at all. These are ideas that have been displayed to us and most possibly thought it would be interesting to explore, or simply felt as though this is how it was meant to be. Gender dysphoria has been around much longer than individuals would think. The only difference now is that more people are accepting of this lifestyle, and a greater amount of human beings are opened to sharing about it. Gender Dysphoria is simply where an individual who feels very strongly that they are not the gender they appear to be. It is possible that a man would rather portray his life as a woman by dressing as one, and acting as one. This will give him a purpose of feelings and life. A woman would rather dress as a man, and resemble the life of a man also. There are many individuals; such as parents, friends, and relatives who question this and ask if it’s just a phase? As you read my paper, we can determine if Gender Dysphoria is just a phase or the actual reality. I want to start off by saying that Gender Dysphoria was formerly known as Gender Identity Disorder. The classifications of being considered to have gender dysphoria today would be that an individual would have to display a heavy and constant desire to cross- gender. Typically, with younger children this feeling is shown by

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