How Has Superman Changed My Life

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Superman, a strong being who was thought to be invincible. Nothing could harm him, or that is at least what he thought. This idea was also the way my family looked at life. Together we were invisible, and nothing could bring us down. Superman eventually realized he was not invincible; kryptonite was his weakness. It broke him down, and it was the only thing known that could harm him. Cancer was this weakness for my family; so far it was the only thing that really shook our family. My mom was our rock, and when she broke down, we all broke down. I used to think cancer was this big, bad sickness that would never happen to anyone in my life, but then my mom got sick. This changed my perspective on everything. Our life was anything but simple. …show more content…

I did not want too ask for to much; I felt like anything would stress her out too much. She still always tried her best to make sure I got everything I wanted and make everything perfect for me, but I could tell over time she became more and more tired. Her body was weak; the chemo was really taking over her body. She would never admit it, but we could tell she was tired, and she was hurting. On her bad days she would even stay home from work. We knew this was bad because she never, ever miss work. She was always there, and she hated letting people down. The next couple of months were hard for her and for our family. She had several surgeries and she endured many treatments of chemotherapy and radiation to get rid of the cancer. It was hard to watch our mom who was so strong become so weak and helpless. As the treatments came to an end, signs of improvement were appearing. The lump she had removed had not come back due to the chemotherapy and radiation she received. We still had one test to run, and this test was very important to my mom because it would effect my life and future. She had a test run to determine if her cancer was genetic. She got the test back, and it turned out it was genetic. I now had breast cancer on both sides of my family. My meme had breast cancer twice in her life and now my mom. This terrified my mom; she hated to think about the possibility of me having this in the future. I told her there was

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