How High Job Strain And Low Job Control Essay

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This paper discusses how high job strain and low job control is associated with a change in weight for all workers, no matter their age, gender, or profession. High job strain and low control cause stress for workers, which in turn can lead them to change their eating habits. The more stress the worker is under the unhealthier food they start consuming. Modest weight gain on its own is not too bad. However, high stress with little control in changing the situation often leads to obesity. Obesity can cause many health problems. In order to prevent these possible risks, some researchers have suggested that workers should develop a coping mechanism. Some coping mechanisms include engaging in physical activities, and getting support from others like their co-workers to help them de-stress after work. Several studies suggest that psychosocial work conditions and weight gain are related. For instance, one study shows that “long work[ing] hours and working overtime may increase the risk of weight gain and obesity” (Solovieva, 2013, p. 242). And that working more than eight hours a day, more than forty hours a week, and working double shifts can cause weight gain in both male and female workers, but more so in female workers. Another study shows that drastically increasing one’s work schedule from working forty hours a week to ninety hours or more “has ...demonstrated [an] associat[ion] with weight gain [& obesity] …” (Lallukka, 2005, p. 909). Any job that has a high stress level

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