How I Became a Masterful Writer Essay

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My progression as a writer has steadily improved over the past semester. Expanding sentence variety and experiencing in-class discussion has elevated my writing style to another level. I have learned how to successfully attack time management issues head on and how to research effectively. My ability to present information in a logical and organized fashion has reached new heights and my punctuation has become much better. I have improved upon areas that I was already competent in while addressing the weaker aspects of my writing. This class has been an invaluable learning experience that granted me many opportunities to become a masterful writer. One of those opportunities was the persuasive paper assignment.
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Although my other teachers never noticed this issue, it is a valuable skill for me to gain because I am positive that most of my future writing experiences will be in the MLA format. My high school education pushed me to focus on excellent word choice and creating sentences that flow smoothly. Expressing myself via the written word has always been my preferred form of communication. Ever since I was little I enjoyed writing short stories and letters to my grandparents. The training I received in school assisted me in my development of choosing the right words to explain what I was striving to communicate in an effective fashion. Forming sentences that flowed together in an organized manner was also a skill I was naturally gifted with but have worked diligently to hone over the years. These aspects of writing are what comes naturally to me and have allowed me to sharpen other facets of my writing ability throughout this class. While word choice and sentence structure seems to flow easily as I sit down to write my paper the most difficult challenge I have faced this semester has been finding the time to work on these assignments. Between work and helping my family stay afloat the time crunch hit me hard. However facing these time management problems, I have successfully moved to a place where I know how to overcome those

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