My Journey Of Becoming A Better Writer

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A semester has passed since I started college and my journey of becoming a better writer. It has been a very important semester for my future college career, and I would not be here without the things I have accomplished. The composition program has really helped me to prepare for what college writing is all about. Now standing here and looking back I could not imagine how it would be without that class. I believe my English, and my writing is better than it has ever been, and all thanks to the composition program. As an international student and going to school in Sweden I haft to admit that it has not been easy. We have a totally different education system and it has therefore taking me some time to understand the new American school …show more content…

I wrote about my journey and how it affected my view of life. In this writing project I learned to write a story with a purpose and show my readers a learning movement. By using different kinds of writing tools I could give my readers a more complex story. I learned how to write by showing and using details (the senses) to really give my readers a deeper understanding and emotions. I also learned in how you prepare for writing an essay. The importance of building your idea (pre-write), write, revision, and finally editing the paper. The last writing project I did was an Argumentative. I choose to write and argue about the television and its effects on children. What the consequences are on playing violent/aggressive video games in young ages. Using credible sources and prove by evidence I could convince my reader about my opinion. In this paper I had to be fare and show both sides of the subject to give the reader a reliable opinion. The most important thing I learned was how to use all the sources and present them in the text. Using MLA format was something new and different for me. I realized the importance of presenting the sources in the correct format to keep the high credibility in my paper. I also understood that the MLA-format is very useful for paraphrasing, summarizing and quoting in my text. What I believe has helped me through this year, and made me to a much better writer than I once

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