How I Felt When I Was At High School

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so I decided to draw something on how I felt when I was in high school. It 's a part of something that I kept to myself all these years and wanted to share this. Not a lot of people knew how I felt and doing this made me feel like I lifted a weight off my shoulders. This is my small little story. it was my last year of middle school I remember telling my friends that it was going to be the best year. Everyone knew me as a shy person though I tried to be confident when it comes to talking. I made a promise to my friends that no matter what, we were always going to stay together and graduate with everyone else since I checked that I was an early graduate and preferred to graduate with everyone. "I would like to have an amazing class, and amazing friends," I always told myself and others. I may have had a few ups and downs in middle school but I was always smiling. I was having plans for the future. To become a doctor was my dream when I was young. I was so prepared for any obstacles that were headed my way. I was thinking about the movies that showed how people were getting treated when they were in high school, realizing that all that was just biased. I was thinking too much about it and should try to stay positive. As I entered my freshmen orientation I was excited but nervous as well. I knew I could do it and motived myself that this was going to be an easy and fast way to get to where I wanted to be. The day I entered high school changed my life, forever. Every friend

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