How I Raised My Child to Find Success in Life Essay

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Yun-Ru Lo
During the course of raising my child, I have notice a gradual shift in my child, MiMi’s, personality. She changed from a very active and having difficulty focusing and following rules child to a child who knows when to be active and when to remain calm and is able to focus when needed. One parenting adjustment I made as I raised my child is to shift from a permissive rearing style to authoritative rearing style. Therefore, besides having some spelling and writing difficulties, my child’s personality at age twelve have improved a lot more than I have expected.
I have always wanted to use authoritative child rearing style to raise my children, since according to the textbook, Infants and Children, by Berk, authoritative …show more content…

After she got warmed up, MiMi seemed to get along very well with the other kids, and was unusually cooperative for a child of her age”. Therefore, although my child is nervous around strangers at first, she gets use to them and warms up quickly. According to Thomas and Chess’s model of temperament, and easy child “quickly established regular routines in infancy, is generally cheerful, and adapts easily to new experiences” (Infants and Children, p. 256), so I would consider MiMi an easy child. Her temperament of being nervous around new people and situations, but warms up quickly to friendly people, and being cooperative are really similar to my own personality. However, when she was about three to six years old, I feel that my permissive child-rearing style by giving in too much makes her less cooperate.
As I mentioned above, when MiMi was three to six years old, my indulgence makes her less cooperative and have trouble following structured activities and rules both at home and school. This is when I realize I was being too easy on her, and after reading the report from MyVirtualChild website, I decided to follow their suggestion and set up rules and schedules firmly, but of course make them reasonable too. I should also use a set of graded consequences they suggested, like warning, time out, then removal of privileges, so I do not feel

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