How Is Andrew Carnegie Wealth Essay

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Mauricio Ochoa
AMH- 2042
6 October 2017
Essay 1: Andrew Carnegies Wealth
Andrew Carnegie, one of the most well-known and richest industrialist’s in America, reasoned that the rich must live modestly and use their prosperities to sustain the living standards. Carnegie had gathered phenomenal wealth and familiarized himself with other rich industrialists of his period. In Carnegies Wealth, it was considered in portion to persuade these men to help dispense their wealth and to convince the appointed community that the rich remained on top to put their money to use. Carnegie says, “the poor enjoy what the rich could not before afford.”
Carnegie’s argument about the great riches of industrialists was dedicated by how he validates massive money …show more content…

If not, the human society loses equality. I certainly must agree with Carnegie’s argument because in life it’s not about money nor the wealthy people. Carnegie was a very poor when he was younger and reading this story on how he worked hard to invest in railroads, telegraphic, oil, and industries and then selling his steel company, Carnegie steel company, too J. Pierpont Morgan is an amazing story. Carnegie worked his way up to become one of the most phenomenal industrialists in the United States is amazing. Coming from a non-wealthy family, I sort of felt my self be in his shoes and how working hard along with being smart will pay off one day like it did for Carnegie. Carnegie says, “the reconciliation of the rich and the poor; a reign of harmony” (Wealth, 426). What Carnegie is trying to describe in this essay is that in this lifetime we live in, the ethical part of it is more important rather than the prosperity. In my opinion, I agree with Carnegie because money does not buy people happiness. For example, very rich people, such as recent singer who passed away named, Chester Bennington, or also known as, “Linkin Park”, died from depression, but had all the money in the world. Its only in the moment when someone wants something, makes you wish you had it but when you work hard like Carnegie then it will feel more rewarding. Carnegie states, “yet the man who dies leaving behind many millions of available wealth, which was his to administer during life.” I chose this last quote that Carnegie said towards the end of the essay, because I believe what he was referring to is for those that worked their whole childhood life but never got to appreciate their wealth. Those that did not get that prodigious opportunity will pass away “unwept, unhonored, and unsung” (Wealth, 427). Additionally, Carnegie’s story was very inspiring and he comes to show that giving should be completed in a

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