How Is Animal Farm Related To The Russian Revolution

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The Russian Revolution was multiple revolutions that started in the year 1917. These revolutions led to the downfall of the czar at the time and led to the Soviet Union taking over. Animal Farm was a metaphor for The Russian Revolution. George Orwell wrote Animal Farm political spoof on the Russian revolution without getting chastised. The characters, events and themes in Animal Farm corresponds with the events and the people of the Russian Revolution. The Czar, and the way he treats the people of Russia get overthrown and a new government supplanted the dictatorship. The ideas in The Russian Revolution, such as communism, was changed in the book Animal Farm but shad similar concepts. The parallels between The Russian Revolution and Animal Farm are many, due to the fact that George Orwell wrote the book to tell people about the revolution without actually saying the names about the dictators.
Napoleon and Snowball are relatively easy to figure out. Napoleon as Stalin and Snowball as Trotsky. At the beginning the two pigs led the revolution against Mr.Jones just like Stalin, and
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The point of the Revolution was to overthrow the government at first. When that was successful it gradually got into something bigger. Leaders before the revolution were cruel and terrible to the people of Russia. Czar Nicholas II started out ruling in the year 1894 and treated the people good in the beginning. Throughout the years though Czar Nicholas became cruel and a tyrant to the people of Russia. Overthrown in the year 1917 a new leader replaced him, one who would change Russian history forever. In October 1917, the Bolsheviks took over the limited government. Following a peace treaty with Germany in March 1918, Russia descended into Civil war. “ On 17 July 1918, as anti-Bolsheviks approached Yekaterinburg, Nicholas and his family were executed. This was almost certainly on the orders of the Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin.” (BBC
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