How Is Buddhism Different From Christianity?

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How is Buddhism different from Christianity? There are several different types of religion throughout the world. Many of us take on the religion of the house hold in which we grew up. Lots of time we maintain that religion through our adult lives and even pass it on to our kids without researching or even attending any other religious service or event. For most people, once a denomination is chosen they believe it to be the only religion that is true and all others are fake or untrue. The belief that all other religions are wrong is achieved without knowing anything about the religion or its beliefs. A quick google search says that there are roughly five major religions in the world with around 4,200 different various. For this…show more content…
Because of the many different definition given to the word God, I will focus on how it is defined in Buddhism and in Christianity. Buddhism does not believe in a God, but does not deny the existence. Buddha believes that a person’s belief in a God would take away from their quest for Nirvana. Nirvana is the “the release from suffering and rebirth that brings inner peace (Molloy 179).” Additionally Buddhism believes even if there was a God that being would be impermanent like all living beings of the world. Buddhism also feels that God is not necessary to explain the origins of the universe. There is no evidence of God and science does have evidence of creation that do not involve a God. Finally, Buddha did not like the idea of a God because the idea of God can be traced to the origins of fear. Often God is used to invoke fear into people in order to get them to comply with the guideline of a religion. Fear of God is at the center of Christianity. When Jesus begin ministering the word of God, many believed that they were living in the ends of time. “God would destroy all the enemies of pious Jews (Molloy 336).” This fear of God led many to Christianity. According to the Holy Trinity there is not just God, but instead there are three. The Father God, the son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit which is the power of God. Christians believe that God sent Jesus to earth inform them of his existence and to teach them how to worship his believes
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