How Is Thomas Jefferson Different From Civilization On The Path To Independence

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The Collaborators
Bryce Renfro
Hour 3
October 4, 2015
Chapter 5 response

Founding Brothers, a historians take on the first contested presidential election between
John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, two close friends pitted against each other. Early American
Civilization on the path to independence. All of which was written about by Joseph J. Ellis. (2000)
In this chapter you read about the first contested presidential election after Washington left office. The contested election was rivaled between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson who were friends that collaborated during the Revolution. Campaign structure was in neither Jefferson’s nor Adams arsenal due to the fact that it has yet to exist. This brought some worries to the table that the country may or may not …show more content…

While Jefferson tall, slender, elegantly exclusive Virginian. This acted as a balanced in their relationship. Not just in physical appearance but in the inside as well. Adams being “combative, and often let his feelings dictate his reactions and his favorite type of conversations in any type of argument. Jefferson on the other hand, a cool laid back enigma (a person who can be difficult to understand at times) “They were the odd couple of the revolution.” Their friendship began at the Contintal congress and grew from there. Their friendship alone defines their political affiliations. They loved and trusted each other which made them the foremost members of “the band of brothers.” It seemed as of though their friendship would never be put under hardship just because of politics, until just after
Adams two reluctantly served terms as Vice President and Jefferson’s “retirement” they found themselves pitted against one another. Ellis mentions how if revolutionary credentials is the main criteria, Adams should be unbeatable, American Independence became Adams life work. Ellis also compares Adams to
Alexander Hamilton and Ben Franklin, he mentions how they all come from

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