How Is Wikipedia Reliable

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Hello Everyone, We have reached the halfway point for our classes. It is amazing how quickly time gets going once homework starts coming due. This week we are discussing unreliability in our research sources. This is an extremely important topic because one bad piece of information in your paper can lead to a loss of credibility. The first topic for our forum this week is why Wikipedia is an unreliable and unaccepted source. Plan and simple, anyone can go on a Wikipedia page and change the information to whatever they want. I have known this for a long time. I was very fortunate to have a college professor who informed our class that the idea of Wikipedia is letting anyone post material about anything they want. This includes changing text…show more content…
While people usually run to news stations and webpages looking for information, they can be fraught with inaccuracies. Not at the very least because there are a number of websites such as the Onion, Empire News, and the National Report claiming news stories that are designed for satire. However even bigger news outlets that are legitimate have been known to print, report, or post inaccurate material. This is because some news outlets have agendas and like the .org sites can skew their information to sway the public opinion. Normally this happens when news outlets will report only a portion of the story and will have analysts who are there to give their opinions on the event verses what happened. To ensure that you are not rewriting inaccuracies and bias, make sure you are supplementing any research with factual information that will come from a reliable source. You can also check other major news outlets, possibly ones with conflicting opinions like CNN or Fox news, and see what information matches. An example would be something like a riot. If your paper is talking about rising riots in America it is possible to use a news article that talks about a recent riot that took place in the United States. However, I might avoid their opinions over the riot itself. I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Please be sure to thank a vet and remember all that have been lost this weekend.
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