How Joe Clark Was Able to Flip Eastside High School Essay

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Crazy Joe, the man who had changed the lives of both the students and the teachers of Eastside High School against all odds. Chaining up doors, calling out teachers, and show both teachers and students who’s in charge, even though he uses military-like teaching methods, Joe Clark was able to flip the school upside down transforming both students and staff into people to look up to. On arriving at the school Joe Clark had found out that this school was in dire need of change from both the students and staff in which he had decided to use unorthodox methods to change the school. Being set on changing East Side High School from a school full of drug dealers and miscreants, Joe Clark had used methods of discipline in the right …show more content…

Unorthodox methods or not, the way that Joe Clark teaches students about discipline and the proper way to act around your elders is one to be reckoned with.

Yelling, name calling and humiliation, these are just some of the things that Joe Clark had done to transform teachers who were once looked down upon by students to people that they now look up to. Through harsh methods Joe Clark was able to change teacher that once had no control over their students to people who are now looked up to, but in-order to change them he had to do more than just give them respect they had to earn it and work hard to earn it by changing how they behaved with their students. From the evidence shown it can be said that Joe Clark like his teachers to act quickly and on command thus preparing them to act quickly without notification if something were to happen in the school that would require their immediate attention. From one of Joe Clark’s quotes he states that, “Discipline establishes the format, the environment for academic achievement to occur”, meaning that without a firm hand of authority in a high position of a school, teachers will not act to their full potential because they will feel

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