Lean on Me and Mr. Joe Clark Essay

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Lean on Me is a movie that focuses on an abrasive and tough principal that has been called to whip the underprivileged inner city school of Eastside High into shape to avoid being run by the state as opposed to the local school board. This movie brought about the controversial character of Mr. Joe Clark was played by Morgan Freeman.
This film was released on March 3, 1989. Lean on Me was Morgan Freeman’s first major motion picture film where he stars as the lead role. This movie is loosely centered on Joe Clark, a real life principal from Paterson, New Jersey, who, just as the fictional character of Mr. Joe Clark, is a tough, hard, aggressive and abrasive. The fictional character of Joe Clark, who was also nicknamed “Crazy Joe”, was …show more content…

The students all took a practice test and only thirty-three percent of the students have passed and the states minimum average is seventy-five percent. Throughout the school year, the students work effortlessly with Mr. Clark along with their school teachers prepare for the real test. Mr. Clark’s crazy and wild antics start to get to the students and they begin to respect him even more for it. They begin to see that he is only doing this with all of their best interests in mind. One of the students who was expelled’s mother complained about the way Mr. Clark ran things at his school and got the mayor involved. After Mr. Clark is found with the chains on the door, which is illegal and a fire safety hazard, and was arrested. All of the students came down to the Board of Education in Paterson and basically protested and ranted on how they wanted Mr. Clark to be released and return to his duties as principal. Eastside High’s assistant principal Mrs. Barrett claims that Mr. Clark was not the right choice to serve as principal of Eastside. But the students all say in rebuttal how Mr. Clark cares for them like no other and how he has done so much good for them that they will not accept anyone besides Mr. Clark. Soon after, Mr. Clark was released and good news was received. More than enough students

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