How Lakeview Has Changed Since The 1950s

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How Lakeview Has Changed Since The 1950s

Lakeview Middle School is comprised of seventh and eighth graders and feeds into Park Hill South High School. It is located near of Parkville, Missouri. Lakeview is a public school where students from around the local area attend to. If a student from the 1950’s came to Lakeview in 2015 they would notice many differences between their school and Lakeview. Consequences, communication, and clothing are the 3 C’s that have changed quite a bit since the 1950s.

At Lakeview Middle School, Consequences are not light. If you do something major against the rules, you will get penalized. Punishments include: Write-Ups, I.S.S, O.S.S, and at very worst, expulsion. Those are the more major punishments. First …show more content…

This may cause the student’s family to have to move and schools might not want them in their district anyway. If someone gets any of these punishments, it will be on their permanent record forever, which might cause problems if they want to get into college or get a job. Breaking the rules can also take away privileges, such as technology.

In 2015 at Lakeview, modern technology is crucial to learning. Another big part with technology is communication. Teachers and Students apply technology everyday to communicate. First there’s an application called Emaill. This is used so teachers and students don’t have to go across the whole school to get a message to one another. Basically Email is electronic mail. It plainly is a more efficient way to mail a letter. Next there’s PowerSchool. PowerSchool is online grades. Now students don’t have to wait for their grades. As soon as tests and assignments are graded, the teacher immediately puts their grade in PowerSchool, and the student can see it anytime. This makes improving much easier because students don’t have to wait to see their grades. Another way to communicate is 1:1. This is when every student in the school building gets a laptop. (A typewriter with a screen to see what you care doing while you don’t need paper.) This reduces using paper to help save trees, which is a big problem in the 21st Century. It will also make doing homework easier because you’ll have everything in one place therefore it’s

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