How Language Changes Start and Spread Essay

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Language change happens every day. New words are constantly being added and new dialects are forming. People have always argued about the causes of language change and tried to control the changes that occurred but ultimately they accomplished nothing. Languages changes and spread as a result of the people who use it daily. African American English and California English are both examples of the different ways language can change. People try to resist the changes in their language because they do not want to see it change. Language change is a natural process that can be affected by others but never stopped. This course has done an excellent job explaining how language change starts and spreads.
Language change can be caused by numerous
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As different dialects of a language develop they are shared with the people of the area. People often use the dialect of those that they interact with most. To explain this simply, a person who only speaks Chicano English is fine in their daily interactions with other speakers of the dialect but they may have trouble speaking with a Northern Dialect. The spread of language change depends on the factors that are causing it. The natural change in language over time smarts in a small area and spreads to everyone that it comes in contact with.
This course focused on a numerous languages that were undergoing change. The simplest and most relevant for many Americans are the changes that are occurring in English. America is a great melting pot of different people and as such English’s multiple dialects reflect cultural diversity. One of the most studied and still not understood dialects is African American English. The point of contention between the ideas for the origin of African American English is whether it was based on an existing dialect in the south or if it was creole of English and different West African languages. Either way this is an example of a rapid language change that has persisted over time. It is illogical to believe that the slaves who were forced to learn English did not incorporate some of their own language. How else could they have communicated before they fully understood English. An example of slower language
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