Spoken Language Essay

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Spoken language is used everywhere in our lives yet for different purposes. With schools being an organization of varying ages, status and purposes teachers require spoken language to: teach, display their authority; to students and colleagues alike, yet to also create and maintain rapport amongst one another. In one-to-one speak there is often a sense of easiness present displayed by teachers leaning in towards or when some teachers physically kneel down to bring themselves level with the students, to show a degree of genuine interest in regards to what the student is saying. This also creates a subconscious atmosphere of equality. Also, teachers often make use of gap fillers such as “um…” and hand gestures to show they’re …show more content…

One personal example is a teacher saying to me “Az you’re an idiot” which immediately displayed the good relationship between us. Rapport amongst was us was clearly displayed through not only his humorous use of sarcasm but also through the use “Az” (my nickname). Teachers often make use of nicknames in order to consolidate established relationships with students. For example, referring to another student as “Suarez” despite it not being his name displays the individual relationship present amongst them where he knows by such a personal acknowledgement, it’ll not offend him but more so allow for a more positive response from the student.
In comparison to one-to-one interactions, addressing a group often leads to a different behaviour from the teacher. In a class, alongside the other pupils the teacher has a set agenda which they have to complete together; as a result teachers often adopt a more commanding tone to control the larger group. They also use ‘management speak’ with one example being the use of positive reinforcement saying “good stuff” or “bright idea” as well reassuring speech saying “you have nothing to worry about” or “it’s easy”. This not only increase the students’ morale but also relaxes them, beneficial for the teacher due to an increase in focus.
One of the main aims of teachers is that of

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