How Language Learning Techniques Are Used For Vocabulary?

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Rebecca Oxford (1990) classified vocabulary strategies into direct and indirect strategies with six categories. These categories contain 19 strategies and 62 sub-strategies. Direct strategies consist of 'memory ', 'cognitive ' and 'compensation ' strategies. Indirect strategies support and manage language learning without directly involving the target language hence, they strengthen the role of language learning and include 'metacognitive ', 'affective ' and 'social ' strategies. With the development of the concept of language learning strategies scholars have attempted to link these strategies to other aspects of language such as vocabulary as well. Studies such as O 'Malley and Chamot (1990) emphasized that most language learning techniques are used for vocabulary learning too. In line of this, the use of the memory strategies based on Oxford taxonomy is useful for vocabulary learning, and has a positive effect ,as a motivation to conduct the present research on increasing EFL learners ' vocabulary retention (Nemati, 2013). In addition, Paul Nation (1990) stated that the significant way to learn vocabulary is to use learners’ independent techniques. He suggested that vocabulary strategy training has to be part of a vocabulary development program. Schmitt and Schmitt (1995), stated that the best vocabulary teaching plan may be to introduce a variety of vocabulary learning strategies to students so that they can decide for themselves on the ones they prefer. Paul
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