Final Paper : Strategies For Success

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Final Paper: Strategies for Success in Students
“What it takes for English Learners to Succeed?” is an article written by Jana Echevarria, Nancy Frey, and Doug Fisher that discusses four accessible teaching practices that will allow English Learners in U.S. classroom to become academically successful and attain fluency in English. To clarify, the authors use practices such as access, climate, expectations, and language instruction to eliminate educational inequality and enable students to be able to fully participate in rigorous course work without excluding English Learners. Ultimately, this provides an approachable school reform, creates additive and transformative approach, as well as integration of multicultural perspective and lastly brings a way for language diversity to be seen in the classroom.
The four effective practices are interdependent of one another. These concepts are the key points that provide a solution in helping English learners become fluent English speakers and be able to understand difficult lessons and high standards. The first strategy the article points out is Access, and it is used more frequently than the others. Echevarria and colleagues (2015) demonstrate that when teachers use differentiated teaching strategies, it will allow students to understand the concepts being taught more easily. For example, using multimedia to provide visual learning, or using sentence frames that will allow English Learners to be able to participate in oral
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