How Laws Towards Violence And Schools Should Be Conceived? A Way That Will Implement Strategies And Methods Essay

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Within the past 15 to 20 years, there has been an increase of violent situations occurring within the school setting. Due to this increase, laws have been enacted in order help minimally alleviate and help respond to the violence that occurs within schools. However, violent events within the schools is still a major problem encountered by educators, administrators, parents, and students. The common acts of violence that occur range from simple threats all the way to mass shootings and suicide. Unfortunately, the current laws simply cover acts of violence only when and/or after the violent acts occur. This calls for more stringent laws that take a proactive approach in preventing violent incidents from escalating into catastrophic situations. This paper will focus on how laws towards violence in schools should be conceived in a way that will proactively implement strategies and alternative methodologies to profiling students. This paper will also discuss the current laws, policies, and statutes such as the Zero Tolerance Laws that need to be ratified in order to create a safe and violent-free atmosphere for all students, equip school officials with the necessary tools to maintain safety, prevent situations from escalating, and handle situations in a proactive manner with the aim of preventing injury and loss of life. Keywords: Profiling, Weapons, Massacre, Preventing, Zero Tolerance Laws, Threats, Suicide, Mass Shooting, Gun-Free Zone Act of 1994, Proactive, Columbine, Least

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