How Literacy Is Much More Than Reading And Writing

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Before I started this module, I did not really know a specific definition of literacy. I knew it was related to reading, but I could not give a well thought definition of the term. I thought it was just a word that meant to read and write. Now I have learned that it is so much more than that. Due to these different articles, I am getting a better understanding of what literacy means and how it is used in classrooms.
Literacy is more than just reading and writing. It is more than just learning how to blend letters into words and learning how to write those words. The article about how reading is a social process that has three different parts sparked my interest the most. The article made me see how literacy is much more than reading and writing. I definitely agree with what the author discusses in this article. First, the author talks about how literacy is used as a social context. I began to relate this to when I was in grade school and I had to read with a partner. Reading together helped us to develop a relationship that later grew into a friendship. I believe you learn more when you read with multiple people because you have different interpretations of what is being read. This makes you talk about what is being read. This brings about more of the social aspect of literacy.
Next, the author talks about how reading is a cultural activity. I never noticed how everyone has a different way of reading. The examples in the article show how reading affects people’s lives in

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