How Mark Morris Changed Dance Essay

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Dance is an ever evolving form of art; in much the same way that one can categorize and differentiate between eras and styles of architecture one can also do so with dance. These eras at times have sharp delineations separating them from their antecedents, other times the distinction is far more subtle. Traditional forms of dance were challenged by choreographers attempting to expand the breadth and increase the depth of performance; preeminent among such visionaries was Seattle born dancer and choreographer Mark Morris. Mark Morris' began as one of the millions of hopeful individuals attempting to simply make a career in dance; he not only succeeded but managed to have a lasting effect on the entire landscape of dance. Mark Morris was…show more content…
The piece was inspired by earlier works by George Balanchine and Merce Cunningham whom Morris claims are the choreographers that have most influenced him. Morris has become so well respected in his field that he was tasked with planning the ceremonies for the funeral of opera legend Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, with whom he had worked with many times and had a friendly relationship. He is seen today as one of the most enduring forces in modern dance choreography, having pioneered for decades. One of his most well-known works Gloria has been performed, with adaptation, since 1981. He has also had the distinction of performing to the playing of world renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma on numerous occasions, with Ma remarking that “Mark always manages to put the perfect movement to even my extemporaneous flourishes.” His work on preparing for the funeral of Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, and his international performances have made him recognizable around the globe. Having choreographed and or conducted (along with other recognizable choreographers) special performances for dignitaries such as 3 sitting US presidents, the Emperor of Japan, the Queen of England and a Premier of the Soviet Union has enlarged his admirers to superstar levels. Mark Morris managed to become a successful dancer in spite of several obstacles, though his parents were very supportive Morris’ body was atypical for a dancer. By his own description in

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