How Much Time Does it Take to Issue Voter ID Cards? Essay

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By applying for Voter ID Cards, the new voters or citizens enter a whole new phase of life in which their decisions become synonymous with that of the whole democracy altogether. Their votes make or sometimes break the Governments and hence it is of utmost priority that these decisions are allowed to brew in an atmosphere with least influence and obstacles and maximum amount of brain storming.

It is the duty of Election Commission of India to make sure that there is no rigidness in the way various political parties conduct their political campaigns. By doing so, the commission hence checks that there is no undue or illegitimate influence on the voters like cash or kind gifts in return of votes.

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Since this one vote of yours symbolizes the choice of each ordinary citizen, it therefore determines the overall trend of choice of a candidate in the democracy. Having made you realize that how much important the process of voting is, it is therefore important for you to have an idea about the average time taken by the election authorities to issue Voter ID Cards from the day of registration or submission of application. So that the voters can plan their day of registration accordingly and do not miss the opportunity to cast their votes in the coming elections.

How much time would the election office take to issue the Voter ID Cards.

The average time taken for issuing voter id cards depends on the method of registration chosen by the voter. There are a couple of ways in which a citizen could proceed with voter registration. The speediest and the easiest way for you to apply for an election card is when you apply for voter id card online. This is because the online application saves you a trip to the election office and therefore saving you the hassle of lining up in long queues for long hours. Moreover, assessment of online application is also convenient for the election authorities, no wonder that it is done at much higher speeds than that for physical applications. Another option ,that is available for the citizens of Andhra

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