How Muharraq Co-operative Society Develops Communities Essay

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A co-operative society is an association of individuals who voluntarily pool their resources and carry on the business for their own welfare and not for a profit seeking business. It is also a development which will help to achieve the economic and social development of the State, and also support the national economy, because co-operation is one of the most important foundations that help in the development of local communities . It is democratic form of organization in which the consumers are the owners of the business. From manager to clerk all are the owners of the business and all the management is in their hands. Muharraq co-operative society established in 1986 . With about 3300 members each has a number of shares , with a board of …show more content…

- have big office and development and increase the services for the members . 1.3 MISSION Participate in projects to help raise the name of the Assembly. Also hire and open stores that help society. 1.4 COMPANY GOALS Muharraq consumer co-operative society goals are as follows: 1) Open shops in busaiteen area because it has great impact on the members. 2) Diversification of society's activities according to the law of cooperation. 3) Sell the land donated by his Majesty the King and invest the profits in other projects. 4) Open the markets that previously closed by the Assembly. 1.5 SERVICES OFFERED 1) The sale of consumer products it's better because the price suppose to be cheaper than other places. 2) A petrol station in Muharraq in which the members and non-members can use. 3) Rented shops that are important to the citizens like supermarket , fruit shop , barber , bakery ,tailor , fish shop and laundry . 1.6 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Muharraq consumer co-operative society organizational structure is 1.7 FUNCTIONS OF THE OFFICERS Mahmoud Mohamed seyadi Chairman of the Board -Responsible for the General Assembly and Board of Directors. -Sign the checks and Fund transfers. -Represent the Association abroad. Ahmed Mohammed Al Banna Vice Council - Be responsible in case of absence of the Chairman of the Boarder commissioned from him . -Investment

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