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How Music Inspired Me

What is Music? Music is a vocal or instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Today, I will be telling you how music inspired me in many different ways. I grew up in a church, where there is singing and dancing. I realized that my family members had a talent, but I wanted to know if I had a talent, but I wanted to know if I had a talent of my own. I learned that the Bible tells us that we are all born with distinct talents and gifts that set us apart from each other. As I got older, …show more content…

My mother always rock the mic at church. At a young age, she sung in the sunshine band, Mississippi Children's Choir, youth choir, and also Forest Hill Choir. Today, she sings in the praise team at church and a choir director of the youth praise team. She is an outstanding choir director and has a gift of singing to glorify the Lord each and everyday. The different types of music I love to listen to, inspired me. Types of music I love to listen to are R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and Gospel. I know you asking yourself " Why she listen to those types of music, if she was raised in the church? " I will tell you why I listen to these types of music and how it inspired me. R&B is short for rhythm and blues. One element I genuinely love about R&B music is that the voice of the singers is very convincing and every song that they sing, will absolutely make you feel like you the one who they are singing about. It inspired me, in behalf of the motivational messages, whether you are going through break ups or in love. R&B is relaxed music about

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